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At A World of Oak A Touch of Pine we love beautiful furniture. We love to reward everyone who loves beautiful furniture as much as we do – and each customer who gives one of our pieces a home. And to do just that, we set up our Reward Club.  Signing up is easy and the benefits are worth it.  Just look:

What’s in it for you?

Our club is geared to make sure reward club members get our very best deals, ahead of everyone else. Here’s a little selection of what you can look forward to when you join:

  • Advance notice of in-store offers and promotions, so you have more time to plan and budget for new purchases
  • Downloadable vouchers for special discounts on particular items or ranges
  • A monthly newsletter keeping you up-to-date with events at our stores

How do you join?

Joining our Reward Club is easy. You can register right here! Click Here and once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you an email to confirm your membership.

After that we’ll send you news and great offers when we have them.  (And we never, ever share or sell your email address to anyone else… but I’m sure you knew that already!)

If you’ve never shopped with us before, the Reward Club is a great way of getting to know us. And if furniture stores in general seem a little overwhelming to you, you can get to know our products and offerings one at a time until you’ve decided on the range you want to start furnishing your home with.

Join Reward Club Today

If you’ve bought from us before, you know that we love to make you happy. And even if you’ve no immediate plans to purchase furniture, we’d like to keep you up to date with the goings on at our stores and the latest trends in interior design and decor. Just so you know that we’re still here to support you when you need a new piece of solid oak or pine for your home.

There are no drawbacks to joining our Reward Club – just benefits, news and great offers. So why not sign up right now and start saving? To join, just Click Here.

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