Using Furniture as Accent Colour

Neutral colour schemes are calming and welcoming, but when you add an accent colour, your whole decorating scheme can reach another dimension. Traditionally, rugs, cushions, throws or other accessories have been used to add that splash of brightness and cheer. But since furniture is becoming increasingly colourful many brave souls now use furniture as accent colour in their home.

decorating with colour: grey and purple | Advice from A World of Oak A Touch of PineAccent colours draw the eye, which is great when you need to add a focus point to a room.

But accent colours don’t always have to be bright.

A dark blue sofa, a painted sideboard, or a purple tub chair will stand out in a room that’s otherwise decorated in soothing creams and whites.

Instead of adding vibrancy and energy, a piece in a dark, muted colour will add a touch of elegance and stop the neutral colour scheme from being too bland.

And if bright and vibrant is right up your street? Then our advice would be that less is usually more.  Similar to cooking with chillies, a little of a bright accent colour goes a long way. That means smaller furniture pieces lend themselves better to adding bright accents.

The easiest way to brighten up a dining room is by choosing colourfully upholstered dining chairs. Even in our clearance area, the brightly coloured chairs stand out and draw the eye.

Using furniture as accent colour | A Touch of Furniture Banbury and Bicester

The other advantage to using chairs is, of course, that changing the colour scheme of your dining room will be comparatively easy.  Easier, and less expensive, than if you have to replace your dining table or sideboard.

When you’re using furniture to accent your existing colour scheme, it’s a good idea to start small. Cover the seats of your dining chairs in your chosen colours. If the colour doesn’t overwhelm the room, extend it to the backs of the chairs. By the end of this exercise, you’ll know whether to go looking for chairs like the ones above, or whether to settle for wooden dining chairs with brightly coloured seat pads.

So will you experiment with a richly coloured sofa, a cheerful tub chair or dining chairs in bright colours to add energy and stunning accent colour to your home?


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