Storage Solutions that Actually Work

Storage Solutions that actually work from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterEveryone knows that one person with an impeccable house that doesn’t even look lived in. The one where there’s not a single thing out of place and where every surface seems to repel mess and clutter. If you’re naturally a messy person, it can seem impossible to get that picture perfect look, but the home you’ve always longed for can be yours with a few quality storage solutions that actually work.

If you’ve tried and failed to declutter your home before, it’s likely because your storage solutions weren’t up to the task. Our quality, multi-functional furniture ranges provide ample storage for all the rooms of your home. Whether you need a chest to chuck all the kids toys into or a coat rack to keep your hallway from looking like a jumble sale, we are sure to have the right storage solution for you.

living room storage solutions | Banbury Oak coffee table with drawersThe living room is the most popular place to make a start with decluttering. The whole family uses this room and you spend a great deal of time in the lounge relaxing, watching TV or chatting after a long day at work. You can get more out of your living room furniture by using a coffee table with a shelf underneath or a side table with a drawer and/or shelf below. When you double up on functionality with a piece you were already going to get for the room, you get more value for money as well as an extra place to stash all of your odds and ends.

This is great advice for all rooms of the home and you can easily restore some order to the master bedroom, the spare bedroom or even the kids’ bedrooms with furniture that does two things at once. A wardrobe with a built in drawer unit allows you to make the most of the height of the room so that you can pack more in and make the most of the available space.. Some of our bed-frames also come with built in drawers underneath to give you some out of sight storage that will help keep everything looking ship-shape.

Messy Desk Messy Head | A World of Oak A Touch of PineThe home office is another room that could do with some extra storage. Paperwork always mounts up whatever you do and files seem to take on a life of their own as they completely take over your work space. Choose from our extensive range of pedestal desks with built in drawers for storage so you keep both your desk and your headspace as clear as can be. Some of our bookcases come with drawer compartments which are the perfect home for all of your stationery supplies or anything else that is cluttering up the space.

All rooms in a house are always a work in process but let us help you get you one step closer to a wonderfully calming, clutter free home with sufficient storage for all of your needs. It’s just a matter of everything in its rightful place, which is exactly how any home should be!

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