Romantic Bedroom Decor Colour Schemes

Losing the romantic atmosphere in your bedroom is a common issue, especially if your  bedroom decor is looking a little tired and unloved and your clothes are spilling out from your wardrobes and chest of drawers.

Our busy daily lives can often mean we don’t spend much time in our bedrooms other than to go to sleep. We’re here to inspire you to give your bedroom decor a colour refresh, whether it be a full-on overhaul or simply a mini-revamp. We’ve researched the most romantic colours and listed out all of their positive traits and representations so that you can pick the one most suitable for you and your bedroom in order to promote romantic bliss. Read on to find out which colour you should introduce to your bedroom…

1. Green – an emotionally positive colour, green is said to give confidence and promote growth, balance and harmony as well as encourage the ability to love and nurture. A sophisticated emerald green would be our colour of choice for romantic bedroom decor.

Words associated with green: abundance, growth, vitality, emotional balance, calm.

Romantic bedroom decor | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

2. Red – known to promote energy and passion, red is a powerful colour which can give confidence to those who are shy; in China the colour red represents good luck. We would choose a deep, luxurious ruby red to achieve romantic bedroom decor.

Words associated with red: energising, exciting, assertive, passion, confidence.

Romantic bedroom decor | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

3. Blue – is said to produce a calming effect, possibly because of its connotations with the sky and sea. This colour symbolises trust and loyalty and is often associated with depth and stability. There are many shades of blue to choose from but if we’re talking about romantic bedroom decor it would have to be a sultry midnight blue.

Words associated with blue: trust, calm, wisdom, communication, self expression, stability.

Romantic bedroom decor ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

4. Gold – sophisticated and grown-up, gold is a luxurious colour which symbolises charisma, courage, compassion and success. A gold hue will add a lavish and romantic feel to your bedroom decor.

Words associated with gold: prosperity, sophistication, extravagance, richness, love, passion.

5. Purple – the colour purple symbolises spirituality and relates to the fantasy world. It represents mystery, intuitiveness, creativity, selflessness and is the ideal colour match for a daydreamer. If your wish is to escape the realities of every day life, purple could be the perfect choice for your bedroom decor.

Words associated with purple: ambition, royalty, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, pride, mystery.

Romantic Bedroom Decor | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

6. Silver – a cool, calm and relaxing colour, silver is a popular choice for bedroom decor. It symbolises reflection and feminine power and promotes a calming and soothing atmosphere. Experiment with silver accents such as photo frames, feature walls, soft furnishings, mirrored furniture and luxurious velvet silver bed frames to create a romantic bedroom decor.

Words associated with silver: glamour, sleek, modern, calm, reflection, soothing.

We hope you’re feeling suitably inspired and feel ready to revamp your bedroom into the romantic space you dream of. If you do inject a dose of romantic bliss into your bedroom decor we’d love to see your photos! You can share them on our Facebook page or you can send us a Tweet!

Happy decorating!


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