Nautical Decor The Easy Way

Do you love the seaside and all things nautical? Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring a slice of the coast back from your holiday? Nautical decor is easy to achieve and with our handy tips you’ll see even faster results.  Because for this week’s post we’ve created a list of our 10 favourite super easy ways to create a nautically-themed decor. Fancy a calming coastal nook in one corner of the room? No problem, simply pick and chose from our ideas to create your perfect look.

Striped walls – there’s something rather nautical about stripes. A selection of stripes in varying shades of blue are a great way to update your decor with a nautical theme. Keep the rest of the walls simple with a lick of white paint.

Rope – super easy and quick, if you’re looking for a subtle, fun and stylish nautical twist, use sturdy rope to tie back your curtains or suspend your lighting. Simply source a length of rope, cut into your desired lengths and tie a fancy nautical knot on the end.

Nautical Decor Ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Compass wall decal – another simple but hugely effective idea is to apply a wall decal or paint a large compass onto one of your walls, or even around the light fitting on your ceiling.

Boat bookcase – why house your books in an ordinary bookcase? If you’re redecorating your room with a nautical theme, why not go all-out and invest in a unique boat bookcase? Store your books, trinkets and beach finds in style!

Driftwood – if you’re updating your decor to a nautical theme you should really add some driftwood to your room. Driftwood is so seaside-esque and it’ll add a lovely natural feel. Driftwood mirrors make a good choice or, if you’re artistic, why not arrange your driftwood as a table centrepiece or even create a sculpture.

Nautical decor ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Whitewash floorboards – getting rid of the carpet? Consider whitewashing your floorboards! Easy to clean and incredibly stylish, you can’t go wrong – plus they’ll create a very laid-back beach lifestyle look.

Map feature wall – whether you buy a roll of wallpaper with a map pattern or you raid the loft and use your old collection of maps, a map feature wall will conjure up images of adventures across the wild raging seas. Top tip: Paint a compass in bronze paint somewhere on the wall for an authentic touch.

Oars above headboard – two oars and a bit of DIY is all it takes to take your first step towards creating an amazing nautical themed bedroom! Whether its for you or the kids, this simple but effective idea will really impress. Simply safely and securely fix two vintage oars in a low ‘X’ above your bed for an instant wow factor!

Seashell garland – if you look closely on your next beach trip, you’ll see shells with holes in them. This is where the rough seas have taken their toll and bashed them against rocks and other shells, making them ideal for creating seashell garlands! Simply grab your collection and thread some rustic garden twine through each hole, tie a little knot to keep each one in place and hey presto! You have a pretty nautical garland! Top tip: spray your shells with gold paint or your favourite colour for a modern twist.

Nautical Decor Ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Beach-find display box – a beach-find display box is the perfect way to display all of your seaside treasures, especially in kids’ rooms! Coloured glass, shells, pretty pebbles and small pieces of driftwood will look beautiful on display in their own wall-mounted compartmentalised box.

If you’d like to find out more about our products, such as our brilliant boat bookcase or our beautiful driftwood mirror, simply click here. Alternatively you can pop into one of our stores to see our furniture in the, er, wood! Please do send us your nautical themed decor photos – we’d love to see what you’ve achieved!

Happy decorating!


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