Messy Desk Messy Head

Whether you work from home in an under stairs cupboard, or your office would put Lord Sugar to shame, a messy desk covered in paperwork, coffee mugs and stationery is hardly conducive to a productive and constructive work environment.

Messy Desk Messy Head | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

 A place for everything and everything in its place

By getting rid of your messy desk, you’re allowing your mind to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than the unusual tea stain that looks remarkably like the son of God or how the visible letters from your slanting stack of printed documents very nearly spell out onomatopoeia. It’s far too easy already to become distracted by social media, online gaming or which takeaway outlet you’re going to order from tonight. A messy desk only makes this worse. Give your brain a chance to focus on replying to your emails or finishing off your latest order, not beating your high score on Candy Crush Saga.

Now where did I put my keys?

We’re all familiar with the thought that we definitely put our keys (or glasses) on the kitchen table or in our jacket pocket, only to find them stored neatly in the fridge or fruit bowl. The same goes for your documents and anything else business related; how can you ever expect to find exactly what you need quickly and easily if your office desk looks like something from a war zone?

So what’s the solution I hear you cry? Well, if you merely tidy up your desk and give yourself a good telling off then you’ll probably enjoy a tidy workspace for a couple of days, maybe even a week, but then it’ll probably all go to pot and return to its naturally messy state. Instead, the answer lies in clever office storage. It doesn’t matter what size your office space is, clever storage solutions can turn any workspace into a hive of productive activity and money making ventures.

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Make it functional, not minimalist

Minimalism is a magical concept, but you’re probably not looking to win any style awards just yet, instead your office should be designed around everyday practicality. If all of your equipment is hidden behind fancy doors it can create a wonderfully serene environment, but if you have to open a door or drawer every 10 minutes it’s not going to work for you. Think about what items you need regular access to and keep them close to hand or easily accessible. For bulky items that you only use occasionally, look at how they can be stored away out of sight, without having to move heaven and earth every time you need to use them!

Messy Desk Messy Head | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

If you’d like some inspiration on how to make your office space work for you, check out our Mobel Oak and Vancouver Home Office collections. Both offer a variety of useful items from filing cabinets to printer cupboards, storage desks to Ipad workstations, shelving and storage racks.

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