How To Spruce Up Your Hallway For Summer

We think that there’s no time like summer time! The nights start getting longer, the weather starts getting warmer and there is a definite spring in everyone’s step. The sunshine gives us all an extra dose of happiness and gives us back our get up and go that often disappears in the cold and gloomy months. What better time to declutter your home and your hallway than at the beginning of a fresh, new season?

We all know that hallways are a breeding ground for clutter which makes them absolutely perfect for a decluttering project. If you don’t watch closely shoes, bags, and kids’ toys  move in and fill up all your space, but there is a way to quickly and easily spruce up your hallway ready for a fun-filled summer.

Your hallway is the room that greets you on those days where you just can’t wait to get home and it’s the last room in the house you visit before you step out into the world. A clean and clear entrance area might be the missing ingredient to the perfect home you’ve always dreamed of.

The secret to a clean, minimalist space is simple: every item needs its own designated space. We know that getting everyone to stick to the plan is the hard bit but at least if you have a storage-savvy hallway, you’re halfway there! The importance of an organised and tidy hallway is often overlooked but there’s a lot that can be said about the feng shui in the entrance to your home.

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The summer months are great for getting outdoors and being active but we all know that means that all of the park paraphernalia just adds to the hallway chaos as well. There’s nothing better than fun filled trips to the park with family and friends for a leisurely picnic and maybe even a game of bat and ball, but of course all of the odds and ends from your summer adventure end up getting left in your ever decreasing hallway space as well. All you need to counter the hallway chaos is some convenient under stairs storage, a storage cabinet or two or even some handy baskets to give you somewhere to house all the hallway odds and ends that are getting in the way.

Summer is a great time to start playing around with the colour and decor in your hallway too. You can choose themes and palates that wouldn’t even cross your mind in the colder months. Think seaside or nautical themes with calming blues, tranquil turquoises or soothing yellows. There’s loads of cool and quirky accessories and artwork that will slot right in with this seasonal theme as well. What could be better than feeling as though you’re on holiday every time you set foot in your hallway?

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