How to Create a Desirable Dining Room

Creating a desirable dining room that is perfect for celebrating, entertaining and more is all in the planning. The perfect dining room is comfortable, inviting and just spacious enough to encourage great conversation. It’s a room where memories are made and so a great deal of thought should be put into how your guests will feel once inside it.

It might sound obvious but taking the time to carefully select your dining room table can make all the difference. Round tables are great for making sure all of your guests are able to speak to one another easily as everybody can see each other. Square and rectangular tables work just as well too, especially in smaller dining spaces, as long as you get the chair placement just right. It’s a hard balance to strike between getting the seating close enough for easy conversation but far enough apart to give each person plenty of elbow space. There’s nothing worse than playing elbow wars with someone you’re sat next to all night long!

Once you’ve selected the dining room table that’s right for you, make sure it stands out with some fabulous feature lighting. Dining rooms are great fun for this as you can be a bit more ostentatious than you would be in other rooms. It’s easy to be brave and make bold decor choices when you know the room is for more formal occasions and celebrations. Chandeliers and pendant lights are perfect but make sure the bulbs aren’t too bright and glaring else your guests might feel they have come round for more of an interrogation than a relaxing meal.

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It’s a good idea to start in the middle and work your way outwards when you are decorating your dining room. Once your table, seating and lighting is in place you can start thinking about putting something on the walls and any other decor you might like to have to add a bit of interest to the space. The obvious choice is a large mirror or piece of artwork but you can play around with open shelving and other wall decorations.

You might want to kit the rest of your dining room out with some additional furniture such as a dresser, corner unit or bookshelf depending on how much room you have. These pieces are great for extra storage as well as giving you the chance to add your own personal style. A dresser is a great place to display family pictures or interesting trinkets you’ve collected over the years and a bookcase can be for so much more than a place to just store your books. Have some fun with it and really make your dining room a talking point of your home.

For the finishing touch, why not dress the dining room table for the ultimate wow factor as soon as you walk through the door? Don’t add too much, often just a tasteful table runner with a centrepiece candle and quality tableware is enough to make your dining room just perfect. Everybody wants a dining room fit for royalty to dine in but with just a few magic touches, yours could be the most desirable dining room your guests have ever seen.

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