Honey, I’ve just bought a wardrobe…

… but we need to keep it in the garden.

Have you been there?  Ordered a new piece of furniture after carefully measuring the place where it would go, while forgetting to check if it would fit through the front door or up the stairs?

That is the moment when you find out how good your furniture supplier really is.  Do they care about your predicament, or do they unload the item in question, get your signature and leave? At A World of Oak A Touch of Pine, our delivery crews take great pride in their work. Which means that they won’t leave you hanging.  They won’t even leave you waiting. They simply won’t leave until you’re happy.

A Delivery Team To Be Proud Of

We’ve been delivering our solid pine and oak furniture in the Banbury and Bicester areas for years – and by now, we’ve come across most problems and are prepared to deal with them. So, what can you expect if you have your furniture delivered by our team?

Flexibility and Peace of Mind

We don’t expect you to sit around all day waiting for your new furniture. Instead, you pick the day and we text you the day before to let you know your delivery slot. On the day itself, the driver can call ahead when they’re on route, just to save you time.

Great Teamwork

To us, delivering furniture means a lot more than just bringing it to your door.  We actually:

  • Take each item to the room it’s intended for
  • Unwrap each item so it can be used right away
  • Assemble anything that needs assembling – from building beds and tables to    small jobs like adding handles
  • Take away any unwanted packaging material for recycling

And if the new wardrobe doesn’t fit up the stairs?  No issue.  Our deliveries crews wave screwdrivers and magic wands with great skill.  They’ll simply dismantle the wardrobe and reassemble it in your place of choice.  All as part of our delivery service.

You can, of course, collect your wardrobe or any other piece of furniture from one of our stores and try to get it up the stairs yourself, but honestly … why?

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