How to Furnish Awkwardly Shaped Rooms

A perfect home takes time to create and some rooms are easier to furnish than others. Some of us are blessed with a bare canvas of walls that form right angles and straight lines. But anyone living in an old house will know that straight walls and square corners cannot be taken for granted. Bedrooms and living rooms come in all kinds of shapes,  including awkward ones.

So what if the space you want to furnish is an attic with romantically sloping ceilings and tiny alcoves? The important thing with awkwardly shaped rooms is to maximise the potential of the space that you do have. Hidden and multi-functional storage is the key to combating those structural abnormalities that you just don’t know what to do with. Life is awkward enough, decorating and furnishing doesn’t have to be!

The dreaded little box room is a cheeky way for estate agents to sell you what is apparently a three bedroom house. We all know that four walls and a window doesn’t really constitute a fully operational bedroom. These rooms are usually saved for the little ones in the family on the basis that they haven’t had as much chance to accumulate as much clutter as Mum and Dad. This is fine until they begin to have so many toys you can’t see the bed for the board games.

Here are some ideas to help store their toys and save your sanity: house their dressing up gear in some under-bed storage, or pile their puzzles up in overhead cupboards. Turn a blanket box from storage into a storage-and-seating combo by simply adding a cushion and blanket to the top. Or use it to create a extra-functional reading nook in an alcove.We all dream of winning the lottery and building them a playroom that puts Hamleys to shame, but until then we can help you fake it until you make it.

Small, irregular shaped living rooms can be tricky to furnish as well. If your front room doubles up as your dining room or place to entertain, de-cluttering is the key. If you’re not a naturally tidy person, fear not, deep blanket boxes can easily hide a multitude of sins in this room, too. Coffee tables with built in storage can look after all those magazines that you never get round to reading, and tall chest of drawers can hide away all those peksy bills that keep on coming.

It doesn’t matter how much room you have to play with, it’s what you do with it that counts.With any living room, there’s always room for a strategically placed mirror. This is such an easy way to automatically make the room appear larger, as it will draw the eye outwards, elongating the space.

Whatever your furnishing conundrum, we can solve it – guaranteed.

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