Emergency Chairs? Right This Way!

Emergency KittensWe’ve all heard of emergency kittens, the patented internet remedy for anyone who needs cheering up. There are loads of emergency kitten pics out there, and very nice they are, too, but what are emergency chairs?

For most people, emergency chairs are plastic, folding, or stackable chairs you pull up to the dinner table when you have more guests than you have dining room chairs.
It’s estimated that, in Britain, we use over 4 million emergency chairs on Christmas day… and most of them are not at all comfortable or even the right height!

Emergency chairs can be as basic as you want them to be, but we think plastic garden chairs should stay in the garden, while you offer your guests stylish, comfortable chairs that will place them at the right height at the dining table and let them enjoy their Christmas or celebration dinner in peace.

For us, emergency chairs aren’t just for Christmas. Neither are they chairs you only need for a few hours each time there’s a large family celebration. Emergency chairs can be placed strategically around your home wherever you think they might be useful. And what could be more useful than a place to sit. A comfy seat next to a bookcase filled with old favourites to aid relaxed browsing. A stylish chair on a landing, or a sturdy chair in a corner of the hall to have somewhere to sit to don and remove your shoes.

There’s usually a huge rush in the last few weeks before Christmas of people going out to buy extra chairs as if there’s not enough to do already with planning the festivities, cooking, freezing, and getting all the presents sorted.

But you don’t need to wait that long.

Neither do you need to settle for uncomfortable plastic chairs or stand in line for the fold-up version.

Instead, you can visit our Bicester store right now and browse our huge selection of single chairs.

We have solid wood chairs in a range of designs, chairs with leather-padded seats, and fabric covered chairs in a variety of colours, styles, and fabrics.

And right now, all our emergency chairs can be had for £19 a piece.

So why not get a gorgeous comfortable chair to cheer up a corner of your home and double as a much-appreciated emergency chair come the next big family dinner? All without drama or the need for emergency kittens to cheer you up.

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