Colour of the Year: 2019 will be a year of Optimism and Warmth

Black or white, red or blue, green or purple, yellow or orange… colours have a big impact on our moods. They can influence buying choices, push us to greater efforts, or make us feel calm and help us relax. Colours also influence how we see and judge others, and how we want to be seen and perceived. So it’s no wonder if choosing the colour of the year is no easy task. Nor is it surprising that there’s more than one.

After this year’s vibrant neon purple from Pantone, and the calmer Heart Wood from Dulux, the colour trend for the new year seems to head towards optimism and warmth.

The Pantone Institute has chosen Living Coral for its colour of the year and describes it as “vibrant, yet mellow” and “with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens.”

It’s easy to imagine the fashion world embracing Living Coral with great enthusiasm as either an eye-catching accent colour paired with softer neutrals like grey and cream, or as an outright party shade, bold and bright and impossible to miss. It’s a shade that’s supposed to play well on social media, drawing us in and keeping us interested, so graphic and web designers are bound to take note of it.

And while Living Coral is no doubt bound to make its way into our homes – think soft furnishings, lampshades, accent pieces – the colour paint manufacturer Dulux has chosen as its colour of the year is easier to live with.

After 2017s Denim Drift, and 2018s Heart Wood, the Dulux colour of the year 2019 is Spiced Honey.

A neutral amber tone, Spiced Honey exudes just that warmth and optimism that everyone expects to rule our lives in the next months. It’s also a colour that’s very versatile around the home. It can settle in almost any colour scheme, depending what colours you pair it with.

Mixed with grey-toned browns and creams and accented with cobalt and burgundy, Spiced Honey will help you create a warm, soothing environment where it’s easy to shed the stress of the day.

Dusky blues and purples as well as grey combine with Spiced Honey in a colour palette that’s restful, dreamy and calming. Gorgeous for cool bedrooms or your own quiet space.

Deeper hues like teal, auburn or paprika add a cosy vibe to Spiced Honey than anyone with makeover plans for their dining room should take a closer look at.

And while it’s a neutral shade, Spiced Honey can also work well with vibrant hues like orange, red, or royal blue in childrens rooms or home offices.

Decorating with Spiced Honey tones doesn’t mean you have to reinvent your home. It blends with most colour schemes, and works well with wood and painted furniture alike, whether you prefer a traditional style or want to create a thoroughly modern home.

To find out how well the new Dulux Colour of the Year can work in your home, check out this article on the Dulux website.

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