For the Best Night’s Sleep: How to Choose Your Perfect Wooden Bed

When you designed and furnished your bedroom, how much time did you spend choosing your wooden bed? Did you agonise over wardrobes, chose chests of drawers with care and worried over bedside tables? Only to then look at the bed frames on offer and just… pick one?

We’ve met many people who spend time and care on buying their mattress, and give comparatively little thought to the bed frame it sits on. But a bed is not just a bed, and which bed frame you choose influences the look and feel of your bedroom as well as the way you use it.

So here are a few things to consider when buying your next wooden bed.

High Foot End or Sleigh Beds

A statement bed, such as a gorgeous oak sleigh bed or a bed with a decorative high foot end, fits best into a spacious bedroom. The bed becomes the main feature of the room, without restricting your ability to move and make use of the room’s storage. High foot end beds add a touch of luxury and romance to a bedroom. They can be sleek and contemporary, or more ornate and traditional. And they’re useful for unifying your bedroom decor.

How to choose your perfect wooden bed | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Low Foot End Beds

Low foot end beds can give your bedroom a minimalist look, that can be dressed up to look sleek, traditional or even oriental. They’re also excellent for smaller homes and apartments. When your bedroom is on the small side, you may compromise on wardrobe size and chest space, but you certainly don’t have to make do with a tiny bed! Low foot end beds, with only the headboard prominent, give a calm, spacious feel to your bedroom as they allow all the decor elements to flow into each other. With access from three sides, they can also stand in for a dressing table stool, saving valuable floor space.

Storage Beds

Storage is one of the key elements in a bedroom and most of us are struggling to make the most of the space we have available without turning what is often a refuge at the end of the day into a cluttered, stress-inducing mess. Cavernous chests of drawers, blanket boxes and wardrobe top boxes are all popular ways to increase bedroom storage, along with divan beds.

In the past, wooden bed frames have always been regarded as a piece of furniture lacking extra storage space, but times have changed. Underbed storage works for wooden beds as well as divans. Depending on the furniture collection, you can choose from side-pulled drawers or drawers that stretch the length of the bed, to add storage space that doesn’t clutter your bedroom.

How to choose your perfect wooden bed | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Guest Beds

Very few of us have a dedicated “guest room” in our home. But because our rooms do double duty as living room or study doesn’t mean we can’t welcome guests or let the kids have a sleepover party. Fold-out couches have and sofabeds have long been popular, and wooden beds with a pull-out guest bed option are equally useful. Their common feature is the ability to change into guest space when needed without cluttering up our much needed living areas when they’re not. Which is one reason why they’re so popular!

Choosing the Style and Finish of your Wooden Bed

Whether you’re furnishing a traditional home, or aim for a sleek, contemporary look… there’s a wooden bed for you. Along with wardrobes, chests, bedside tables, blanket boxes and mirrors. Traditional styles tend to be more ornate, but even darker oak furniture is now available in clean modern designs, so you really don’t have to compromise. Waxed or oiled, our wooden furniture will be a delight to touch and look at.

And if you’ve fallen for the bright and cheerful painted look? No problem. We have all this year’s favourite colours, from ivory to cream to sage and elegant grey, with painted or solid oak tops… there will be a perfect wooden bed to fit your chosen bedroom decor.

Just check out our website or visit our Banbury or Bicester stores. The latter soon with even more wooden beds to choose from!


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