5 Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Decorating a kids bedroom can be so much fun! Unlike other rooms in the home, you can really let your imagination run wild. The great thing is there’re so many decorating ideas for kids rooms available these days that boring bedrooms can easily become a thing of the past!

We’ve put together 5 of our favourite decorating ideas for kids rooms, so gather around, pick your favourites and get ready to embark on a family decorating adventure!

1. Create a themed kids room – this idea is always sure to score top marks because kids can really let their imaginations run wild! For kids looking for something a little different a geometric theme is a great idea; giving centre stage to a wall of geometric shapes will create a brilliant pop of colour.

If your child likes the idea of a traditional theme with a difference, think London themes with big red bus wall paper, Union Jack accessories and Queen’s guards prints for the walls. Love the seaside? What about a nautical theme.

Top tip: themes can be accomplished with clever use of wall stickers! Or you could paint a wall with blackboard paint and let your kids change the design whenever the fancy takes them!

Decorating ideas for kids rooms | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

2. Paint funky floorboards in your kids room – if you’re lucky enough to have floorboards, why not bring them to life with a splash of colour? Brightly coloured floorboards add a playful twist on an otherwise ordinary floor and they create an eye catching focal point.

Not sure what to do? Make sure you prep the floorboards first and ensure there are no protruding nails and then away you go! A simple whitewash is equally as cool as pastel floorboards but our favourite has to be using blackboard paint – imagine the hours of fun your kids will have drawing on the floor!

Top tip: if you’re up for adding even more colour, why not paint every floorboard a different colour?

3. Decorate your kid’s room with a map mural or gallery – a statement wall covered in a world map is perfect for the budding adventurer and traveller! We think this is a great idea for older kids and it could last for years, right through to their teenage years when they begin to plan gap years and adventures around the world.

Whilst this is a fun idea for all ages from an educational perspective, why not consider a gallery wall full of drawings, photographs and paintings for the younger child? Simply frame and hang their works of art on their bedroom wall and hey presto! The budding artist has his or her own art gallery!

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

4. Add super cool storage in your kids room – storage is a big deal in a kids room, so be sure you add lots of it! A simple blanket box painted with blackboard paint will provide endless playtime opportunities, plus you can make the most of your space if the room is small with clever wall hanging storage; if you have a good idea of what you want, why not make your own?

Skateboards make awesome quirky shelves – keep an eye on online auctions for cheap used skateboards and you’ll be part way to creating an eco-friendly, cost effective storage solution! TeePees are also fantastic for storing away toys, teddies and tea party sets.

5. Make your kids room full of colour – grab the brushes and paint your kid’s room full of summer vibes with a bright yellow hue. This colour is cheery and happy in time for the summer holidays and equally perfect for cold wet winter mornings.

If you’d prefer something low maintenance and easy to update with simple accessory changes, go for white walls. Going through a silver phase? No problem, simply add a few silver accents, such as cushions, picture frames, tub chairs, artwork and even a spray-painted up cycled desk chair for a fresh new look.

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To read more about interior decoration ideas, keep browsing the blog and if you’d like to find the perfect storage solution or tub chair for your kid’s bedroom, why not pop into one of our stores or explore the online store?


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