For the Best Night’s Sleep: How to Choose Your Perfect Wooden Bed

When you designed and furnished your bedroom, how much time did you spend choosing your wooden bed? Did you agonise over wardrobes, chose chests of drawers with care and worried over bedside tables? Only to then look at the bed frames on offer and just… pick one?

We’ve met many people who spend time and care on buying their mattress, and give comparatively little thought to the bed frame it sits on. But a bed is not just a bed, and which bed frame you choose influences the look and feel of your bedroom as well as the way you use it.

So here are a few things to consider when buying your next wooden bed.

High Foot End or Sleigh Beds

A statement bed, such as a gorgeous oak sleigh bed or a bed with a decorative high foot end, fits best into a spacious bedroom. The bed becomes the main feature of the room, without restricting your ability to move and make use of the room’s storage. High foot end beds add a touch of luxury and romance to a bedroom. They can be sleek and contemporary, or more ornate and traditional. And they’re useful for unifying your bedroom decor.

How to choose your perfect wooden bed | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Low Foot End Beds

Low foot end beds can give your bedroom a minimalist look, that can be dressed up to look sleek, traditional or even oriental. They’re also excellent for smaller homes and apartments. When your bedroom is on the small side, you may compromise on wardrobe size and chest space, but you certainly don’t have to make do with a tiny bed! Low foot end beds, with only the headboard prominent, give a calm, spacious feel to your bedroom as they allow all the decor elements to flow into each other. With access from three sides, they can also stand in for a dressing table stool, saving valuable floor space.

Storage Beds

Storage is one of the key elements in a bedroom and most of us are struggling to make the most of the space we have available without turning what is often a refuge at the end of the day into a cluttered, stress-inducing mess. Cavernous chests of drawers, blanket boxes and wardrobe top boxes are all popular ways to increase bedroom storage, along with divan beds.

In the past, wooden bed frames have always been regarded as a piece of furniture lacking extra storage space, but times have changed. Underbed storage works for wooden beds as well as divans. Depending on the furniture collection, you can choose from side-pulled drawers or drawers that stretch the length of the bed, to add storage space that doesn’t clutter your bedroom.

How to choose your perfect wooden bed | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Guest Beds

Very few of us have a dedicated “guest room” in our home. But because our rooms do double duty as living room or study doesn’t mean we can’t welcome guests or let the kids have a sleepover party. Fold-out couches have and sofabeds have long been popular, and wooden beds with a pull-out guest bed option are equally useful. Their common feature is the ability to change into guest space when needed without cluttering up our much needed living areas when they’re not. Which is one reason why they’re so popular!

Choosing the Style and Finish of your Wooden Bed

Whether you’re furnishing a traditional home, or aim for a sleek, contemporary look… there’s a wooden bed for you. Along with wardrobes, chests, bedside tables, blanket boxes and mirrors. Traditional styles tend to be more ornate, but even darker oak furniture is now available in clean modern designs, so you really don’t have to compromise. Waxed or oiled, our wooden furniture will be a delight to touch and look at.

And if you’ve fallen for the bright and cheerful painted look? No problem. We have all this year’s favourite colours, from ivory to cream to sage and elegant grey, with painted or solid oak tops… there will be a perfect wooden bed to fit your chosen bedroom decor.

Just check out our website or visit our Banbury or Bicester stores. The latter soon with even more wooden beds to choose from!


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5 Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Decorating a kids bedroom can be so much fun! Unlike other rooms in the home, you can really let your imagination run wild. The great thing is there’re so many decorating ideas for kids rooms available these days that boring bedrooms can easily become a thing of the past!

We’ve put together 5 of our favourite decorating ideas for kids rooms, so gather around, pick your favourites and get ready to embark on a family decorating adventure!

1. Create a themed kids room – this idea is always sure to score top marks because kids can really let their imaginations run wild! For kids looking for something a little different a geometric theme is a great idea; giving centre stage to a wall of geometric shapes will create a brilliant pop of colour.

If your child likes the idea of a traditional theme with a difference, think London themes with big red bus wall paper, Union Jack accessories and Queen’s guards prints for the walls. Love the seaside? What about a nautical theme.

Top tip: themes can be accomplished with clever use of wall stickers! Or you could paint a wall with blackboard paint and let your kids change the design whenever the fancy takes them!

Decorating ideas for kids rooms | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

2. Paint funky floorboards in your kids room – if you’re lucky enough to have floorboards, why not bring them to life with a splash of colour? Brightly coloured floorboards add a playful twist on an otherwise ordinary floor and they create an eye catching focal point.

Not sure what to do? Make sure you prep the floorboards first and ensure there are no protruding nails and then away you go! A simple whitewash is equally as cool as pastel floorboards but our favourite has to be using blackboard paint – imagine the hours of fun your kids will have drawing on the floor!

Top tip: if you’re up for adding even more colour, why not paint every floorboard a different colour?

3. Decorate your kid’s room with a map mural or gallery – a statement wall covered in a world map is perfect for the budding adventurer and traveller! We think this is a great idea for older kids and it could last for years, right through to their teenage years when they begin to plan gap years and adventures around the world.

Whilst this is a fun idea for all ages from an educational perspective, why not consider a gallery wall full of drawings, photographs and paintings for the younger child? Simply frame and hang their works of art on their bedroom wall and hey presto! The budding artist has his or her own art gallery!

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

4. Add super cool storage in your kids room – storage is a big deal in a kids room, so be sure you add lots of it! A simple blanket box painted with blackboard paint will provide endless playtime opportunities, plus you can make the most of your space if the room is small with clever wall hanging storage; if you have a good idea of what you want, why not make your own?

Skateboards make awesome quirky shelves – keep an eye on online auctions for cheap used skateboards and you’ll be part way to creating an eco-friendly, cost effective storage solution! TeePees are also fantastic for storing away toys, teddies and tea party sets.

5. Make your kids room full of colour – grab the brushes and paint your kid’s room full of summer vibes with a bright yellow hue. This colour is cheery and happy in time for the summer holidays and equally perfect for cold wet winter mornings.

If you’d prefer something low maintenance and easy to update with simple accessory changes, go for white walls. Going through a silver phase? No problem, simply add a few silver accents, such as cushions, picture frames, tub chairs, artwork and even a spray-painted up cycled desk chair for a fresh new look.

Find out even more

To read more about interior decoration ideas, keep browsing the blog and if you’d like to find the perfect storage solution or tub chair for your kid’s bedroom, why not pop into one of our stores or explore the online store?


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5 Gorgeous Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Searching for bedroom decorating ideas for your little girl? There’s no sight of princesses, Disney characters or oodles amounts of pink paint in this blog post – just stylish and unique ideas we think you’ll adore. We’ve thought outside the box and brought you some truly inspiring ideas. So grab a chair and a have a read through 5 beautiful girls bedroom decorating ideas and get decorating!

Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas1. Pretty pastel palette – does your little girl have a penchant for all things pink? Rather than navigating your way down the traditional route of ‘everything pink’, why not tone things down a bit and explore a subtle pastel colour palette.

Still uber girly and oh-so-sweet, pastel colours offer the same cute factor as all-out pink but without the overwhelming, erm, pinkness! Experiment with pastel shades of lilac, rose, yellow, green and blue and incorporate adorable accessories such as bunting, wall hangings, pretty bed throws and patterned cushions for a chic finishing touch.

2. Wonderfully whimsical – create a relaxing and inspiring space in your little girl’s bedroom with floral and leafy patterns for a pretty secret garden look.

Fern prints, delicate petal fairy lights and green accessories against white walls will add a light and fresh feel without being too heavy. Creating a home for a little fairy or two will add to the whimsical feel; you can buy fairy wall stickers online and you could even make your own fairy door to place on the skirting board – cute alert!

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

3. Woodland wonderland – does your little (or big) girl love the outdoors and nature? Why not decorate their bedroom with woodland wallpaper?

You won’t need to wallpaper all four walls (unless your daughter wants to feel like she’s sleeping in a forest), instead apply the paper to one feature wall. Large branches which you can find on countryside walks look lovely suspended from the celling (just make sure they are hung safely and securely); adding a string of fairy lights is a must, of course!

4. Sassy statement wall – for something a little different, consider white walls with a pop of colour on one feature wall.

This colour scheme will effortlessly create a chic modern retreat in an older girl’s bedroom or a fun and playful look in a toddler’s room. Satisfy the need for pink with a flamingo pink feature wall or, to encourage creativity, opt for a wall painted in blackboard paint. Finish the room with colourful accessories, brightly coloured cushions and a statement rug.

5. Restrained colour palette – using a simple colour palette will have a big impact in a bedroom and it’s bang-on-trend, perfect for a teenager’s bedroom!

Grey is popular at the moment and we can see why. It’s cool, understated and chic. Mixed with simple accessories, grey walls can really stand on their own. For the fashionistas in your household, think outside the box and go for something bold and beautiful; deep, moody colours such as emerald green, midnight blue and amethyst purple can look incredible, even painted on all four walls. The key is to evaluate the natural light and the size of the space before you embark on any decorating – such bold colours can easily swamp a small dark bedroom. Add metallic accessories for a sumptuous and grown-up look.

So, there you have it! 5 chic, sassy and oh-so-stylish girls bedroom decorating ideas which will transform any room into a thing of beauty. If you’d like to read more hints and tips for the home, check out the rest of our blog, here.


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Nautical Decor The Easy Way

Do you love the seaside and all things nautical? Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring a slice of the coast back from your holiday? Nautical decor is easy to achieve and with our handy tips you’ll see even faster results.  Because for this week’s post we’ve created a list of our 10 favourite super easy ways to create a nautically-themed decor. Fancy a calming coastal nook in one corner of the room? No problem, simply pick and chose from our ideas to create your perfect look.

Striped walls – there’s something rather nautical about stripes. A selection of stripes in varying shades of blue are a great way to update your decor with a nautical theme. Keep the rest of the walls simple with a lick of white paint.

Rope – super easy and quick, if you’re looking for a subtle, fun and stylish nautical twist, use sturdy rope to tie back your curtains or suspend your lighting. Simply source a length of rope, cut into your desired lengths and tie a fancy nautical knot on the end.

Nautical Decor Ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Compass wall decal – another simple but hugely effective idea is to apply a wall decal or paint a large compass onto one of your walls, or even around the light fitting on your ceiling.

Boat bookcase – why house your books in an ordinary bookcase? If you’re redecorating your room with a nautical theme, why not go all-out and invest in a unique boat bookcase? Store your books, trinkets and beach finds in style!

Driftwood – if you’re updating your decor to a nautical theme you should really add some driftwood to your room. Driftwood is so seaside-esque and it’ll add a lovely natural feel. Driftwood mirrors make a good choice or, if you’re artistic, why not arrange your driftwood as a table centrepiece or even create a sculpture.

Nautical decor ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Whitewash floorboards – getting rid of the carpet? Consider whitewashing your floorboards! Easy to clean and incredibly stylish, you can’t go wrong – plus they’ll create a very laid-back beach lifestyle look.

Map feature wall – whether you buy a roll of wallpaper with a map pattern or you raid the loft and use your old collection of maps, a map feature wall will conjure up images of adventures across the wild raging seas. Top tip: Paint a compass in bronze paint somewhere on the wall for an authentic touch.

Oars above headboard – two oars and a bit of DIY is all it takes to take your first step towards creating an amazing nautical themed bedroom! Whether its for you or the kids, this simple but effective idea will really impress. Simply safely and securely fix two vintage oars in a low ‘X’ above your bed for an instant wow factor!

Seashell garland – if you look closely on your next beach trip, you’ll see shells with holes in them. This is where the rough seas have taken their toll and bashed them against rocks and other shells, making them ideal for creating seashell garlands! Simply grab your collection and thread some rustic garden twine through each hole, tie a little knot to keep each one in place and hey presto! You have a pretty nautical garland! Top tip: spray your shells with gold paint or your favourite colour for a modern twist.

Nautical Decor Ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Beach-find display box – a beach-find display box is the perfect way to display all of your seaside treasures, especially in kids’ rooms! Coloured glass, shells, pretty pebbles and small pieces of driftwood will look beautiful on display in their own wall-mounted compartmentalised box.

If you’d like to find out more about our products, such as our brilliant boat bookcase or our beautiful driftwood mirror, simply click here. Alternatively you can pop into one of our stores to see our furniture in the, er, wood! Please do send us your nautical themed decor photos – we’d love to see what you’ve achieved!

Happy decorating!


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Romantic Bedroom Decor Colour Schemes

Losing the romantic atmosphere in your bedroom is a common issue, especially if your  bedroom decor is looking a little tired and unloved and your clothes are spilling out from your wardrobes and chest of drawers.

Our busy daily lives can often mean we don’t spend much time in our bedrooms other than to go to sleep. We’re here to inspire you to give your bedroom decor a colour refresh, whether it be a full-on overhaul or simply a mini-revamp. We’ve researched the most romantic colours and listed out all of their positive traits and representations so that you can pick the one most suitable for you and your bedroom in order to promote romantic bliss. Read on to find out which colour you should introduce to your bedroom…

1. Green – an emotionally positive colour, green is said to give confidence and promote growth, balance and harmony as well as encourage the ability to love and nurture. A sophisticated emerald green would be our colour of choice for romantic bedroom decor.

Words associated with green: abundance, growth, vitality, emotional balance, calm.

Romantic bedroom decor | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

2. Red – known to promote energy and passion, red is a powerful colour which can give confidence to those who are shy; in China the colour red represents good luck. We would choose a deep, luxurious ruby red to achieve romantic bedroom decor.

Words associated with red: energising, exciting, assertive, passion, confidence.

Romantic bedroom decor | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

3. Blue – is said to produce a calming effect, possibly because of its connotations with the sky and sea. This colour symbolises trust and loyalty and is often associated with depth and stability. There are many shades of blue to choose from but if we’re talking about romantic bedroom decor it would have to be a sultry midnight blue.

Words associated with blue: trust, calm, wisdom, communication, self expression, stability.

Romantic bedroom decor ideas | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

4. Gold – sophisticated and grown-up, gold is a luxurious colour which symbolises charisma, courage, compassion and success. A gold hue will add a lavish and romantic feel to your bedroom decor.

Words associated with gold: prosperity, sophistication, extravagance, richness, love, passion.

5. Purple – the colour purple symbolises spirituality and relates to the fantasy world. It represents mystery, intuitiveness, creativity, selflessness and is the ideal colour match for a daydreamer. If your wish is to escape the realities of every day life, purple could be the perfect choice for your bedroom decor.

Words associated with purple: ambition, royalty, creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, pride, mystery.

Romantic Bedroom Decor | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

6. Silver – a cool, calm and relaxing colour, silver is a popular choice for bedroom decor. It symbolises reflection and feminine power and promotes a calming and soothing atmosphere. Experiment with silver accents such as photo frames, feature walls, soft furnishings, mirrored furniture and luxurious velvet silver bed frames to create a romantic bedroom decor.

Words associated with silver: glamour, sleek, modern, calm, reflection, soothing.

We hope you’re feeling suitably inspired and feel ready to revamp your bedroom into the romantic space you dream of. If you do inject a dose of romantic bliss into your bedroom decor we’d love to see your photos! You can share them on our Facebook page or you can send us a Tweet!

Happy decorating!


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5 Gorgeous Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hallways are an important part of the home, after all, first impressions count and your hallway is the first part of your home that your visitors will experience. Showing off an amazing hallway when you open your door will leave your guests feeling impressed and eager to see the rest of your home.  A lovely hallway is also really important if you want your guests to feel relaxed and at home; being greeted by a messy hallway with shoes and coats strewn everywhere complete with a tired looking doormat and unloved walls will leave a disappointed feeling in the air.

This all might sound really obvious, but hallways are so often overlooked and disregarded. With this in mind, we’ve come equipped with 5 clever and super easy hallway decorating ideas for you. With these quick tips, you’ll be able to create a truly welcoming, bright and warm hallway space, ready for your visiting friends and family!

1. Play with colour – add zest with a memorable spark of colour. This is an easy way to create a fun and bright vibe with a splash of uplifting colour. Say goodbye to 4 magnolia walls and welcome a pop of bright yellow, sophisticated teal or chic midnight blue. You don’t have to go all-out and paint every wall; instead, to create a sense of greater space and brightness, simply paint one feature wall with your chosen colour and leave the rest of the walls white. Decorating this way will encourage the light to bounce around your hallway, making it even more light and airy and most of all, welcoming. Even adding a brightly coloured lampshade can make a big difference.

2. Add texture – for a warm, welcoming and cosy feel, feed your guests’ senses with sumptuous fabrics, silk flowers and luxurious curtains. The great thing is you can add texture quickly and easily; our favourite ways to do this are to 1) drape a cosy woollen throw over your hallway bench or a chair for a homely feel 2) source pretty silk flowers to add to a vase for added colour and luxurious texture 3) hang a door curtain at the front door – this could be a ready made curtain or a piece of your favourite fabric made into a curtain, either option is a great way to create a sumptuous, warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and it can help to retain heat during the colder months, too!

Hallway Decorating Ideas: add texture | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

3. Introduce clever storage – hallways can quickly become dumping grounds. Shoes, coats, dog leads, keys and everything else in between live in our hallways and it’s only right that we give them a home of their own. By incorporating item-specific storage into your hallway you’ll create a space which is much less chaotic and much more sleek and calm. As we said earlier, first impressions count, so be savvy and try not to add too much storage. Adding a blanket box could solve your storage issues whilst providing a comfortable place to sit when putting your shoes on. A small console table with a draw will also solve your ‘bits-and-bobs’ housing issues as well as providing stylish space to display vases of flowers and photo frames.

Hallway Decorating Ideas from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

4. Indulge in metallic tones – decorating with metallic colours and accessories is a great way to create a modern, grown-up hallway. Metallic ornate mirrors, metallic picture frames and even a carefully planned lick of metallic paint will add a touch of sass in no time. If you’re brave and want to create a dramatic entrance, think along the lines of painted midnight blue walls with gold highlights. If that’s a little too much for your liking, have a look at metallic wallpapers; there are lots of lovely designs out there which use lighter colours i.e. cream or light grey with metallic pattern overlays. If that’s still too much, why not consider a metallic lampshade instead.

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5. Be brave with patterns – geometric patterns are bang on trend at the moment and they’re particularly effective in metallic colours. Paint your walls in your desired base colour and use a geometric stencil to add a metallic pattern. Marble effects are ‘in’ too and look great wallpapered as a feature wall. We particularly love repeat Moroccan patterns which are gorgeous when used to create an eye catching tiled floor. For the adventurous out there, we’ve seen a repeat flamingo pattern wallpaper which looks amazing used on a feature wall – the pop of pink colour really gives a bright, uplifting vibe!

And there you have it: some of our favourite hallway decorating ideas. Let us know if you’re decorating your hallway this weekend – we’d love to see your before and after photos! If you’d like to see our range of stylish storage furniture check out the website or pop into one of our stores to see our full range in person.

Happy decorating!

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Brilliant Last Minute Gifts for Father’s Day

It’s that time of the year again when we take a day, Father’s Day, to really appreciate our dads. A chance to say ‘thank you for everything’ – thanks for the midnight taxi services, thanks for the break-up advice, thanks for the driving lessons and thanks for all of those tastebud-tingling summer BBQ’s… even when it was raining.

Father’s Day falls on June 18th this year, and I’m sure we all agree that there’s a lot to thank our Dads, Daddies, Fathers, ‘Just-like-a-Dad dads’, papas, granddads and stepdads for. That’s why we’ve got a list of goodies to suit every Dad out there. Whether you’ve only just realised it’s Father’s Day or you’re running a bit late in the gift department, you can relax safe in the knowledge that we’ve got it sorted!

For the engine loving Dad…

We appreciate a fine motor at A World of Oak A Touch of Pine, and that’s why we have a rather large selection of two and four wheeled vehicle models! From an iconic 1960 Red Mini Cooper, a Vintage Tow Truck, a B-25 Mitchell Bomber World War 2 aeroplane, a Volkswagen Beetle with Surfboards and a 1968 Lambretta to a 1932 Green BMW Series 2 Motorbike, a 1955 VW Firetruck, a 1958 Ferrari, a 1829 Yellow Stephenson Rocket Steam Engine and even a 1950 Oliver Super 99 with Motor model tractor! We’ve got something for the car and bike boffs, the steam power fans, plane enthusiasts, the farmers, the surfers, the mods, the firemen and the mechanics!

Why we love models | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Perfect gifts for the man cave…

Does your dad have a man cave? Perhaps he’s in the process of creating one? Whatever the state of his man cave, we have a selection of goodies that will turn any space into a super cool cave! Check out our quirky stools, just right to provide an extra seating space for friends or little wandering grandchildren!

We also have a section of super stylish lamps and spotlights which would light up his cave perfectly; one of our favourites is the ‘Spotlight on Stand’. Of course he’ll need a clock to ensure he returns back to civilisation just in time for dinner – our Giant Pocket Watch Clock is just the ticket! What about a table? Our Root Tables are both unique and practical, making them the perfect place to sit a beer or two!

Father’s Day Gifts for the artist…

He’s got his paints and paintbrushes, so what else can he not live without? A super-duper easel, of course! Our Vancouver Oak Easel is a very swish bit of kit that any artist would be proud of. Finished of with a gorgeous Vintage Wood Table Lamp for those late night art sessions and his art room is complete!

A little something for the chef…

Cocktail or barbecue cart | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterHmm, what to get a dad who has a love of cooking… we’ve got some pretty good ideas!

If he’s already stocked up on the latest kitchen gadgets, why not treat him to a quirky cocktail cart? It’s a great way to add a bit of personality into the kitchen, and it looks super cool, too!

Our divine range of Root Bowls is another winner in our eyes; a real talking point and sustainably sourced, they make unique presents which last a lifetime!

For the sad who has everything…

And if you’re still not sure what to get your dad as a Father’s Day thank you gift, then why not surprise him with something practical and stylish? Somewhere to keep the iPad safe, a sturdy way to store eggs or bottles or even Wellington boots maybe? Practical doesn’t have to mean boring and stylish doesn’t imply the item is just for decoration. In fact, our stores are full of items that are both useful and decorative – just like most dads! 🙂

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from a World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

If you’re a little bit behind on the gift front, you needn’t worry. Simply pop into one of our stores and pick up a perfect present today!

Happy Father’s Day!


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7 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the flowers are blooming. Summer is upon us! Bring some of that warmth and sunshine to your decor to brighten up your home for the warmer months ahead. We’ve got seven suggestions here to get you well on your way! During the colder winter months, it’s nice to cozy up a place with accessories, but once the sun is shining, it’s a good time to tuck those extra accessories away in favor of clean, sparkling surfaces.

Lighten the color palette in your accessories. Bring in fresh and cheery colours…greens, oranges, bright whites. Switch out the warm tones on your pillows, candles, and table decor for the colors of summer.

Pack away the winter textiles. While you’re boxing up winter hats, gloves, and scarfs from closets, take a good look around your rooms. Are there throw blankets draped over chairs and ottomans? Warm-toned rugs? Layers of drapery? Consider packing those away for the warmer months, it’s time to shed the cozy look for open and inviting.

Take it outside! Don’t ignore all of your outside areas…with the warmer weather upon us, activities tend to spill outside. Spend some time cleaning up your patio and garden areas by giving them a powerwash.

Add color with fruits and flowers. Flowers tend to get all the credit for being the beautiful, showy representatives of spring and summer. However, fresh fruits (and vegtables) can actually make beautiful displays themselves and brighten up your home. Bring live plants indoors. In addition to fresh cut flowers, consider bringing in live plants.

Brighten Up your home this summer | image: jill111 pixabay

White Towels. Ditch the colorful towels, or save them for the pool and beach, and wrap up in bright white towels. Fold a couple and place them next to your bathtub, top with a tower of soap, and you’ve added a bit of summer to your bathroom!

Take care of your garden furniture. Outdoor furniture often gets ruined for all sorts of reasons, from bad weather to toddler feet! Our outdoor furniture needs to withstand a lot more than its indoor cousins. Make it last as long as possible by washing it regularly and adding some car wax to help moisture easily run off the surface.

Brighten up your home | terimakasih0 pixabay

Bring in some natural textiles. Woven materials are another way to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors. It’s not always practical to purchase a sisal rug or bamboo shades, but place-mats and chargers brighten up your home just as well and are an easy and affordable way to achieve a similar effect.

We hope that these tips were useful in ensuring that your indoor space reflects the warm weather outside!

Image Credits: DesignSeeds, @thebungalow22


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How to Choose the Perfect Television Stand for Your Home

The perfect television stand is one that does justice to your television and adds that certain something to your living room. And as TVs have gotten sleeker, manufacturers have responded with new styles of TV stands and TV cabinets. Aside from fitting in with your room’s furnishings, the perfect television stand must provide a sturdy support for your TV. So here we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for one!

TV Size

It is important to select a TV stand of the correct size because not only do you want a stable, sturdy support for your television, but something that looks good while doing its job.

Make sure that the stand is wider than the total width of your TV, as it will provide a stable base. Additionally, ensure the stand is capable of supporting the television’s weight and check the manufacturer’s guidelines for whether the stand is suitable for your television model and size. A TV stand that’s too light or too small can easily tip over, damage your TV or even cause injuries.

Room Size

Many of us will love to “go large” when it comes to TVs, especially when considering TVs for the family room. So when buying furniture, allow enough space for a large TV stand.  In a smaller media room, your teen’s room or a bedroom, where most of us opt for smaller TVs, you’re fine to choose a smaller television stand that also helps with storage. When it comes to the perfect television stand, it’s all about scale.
NB037B Vancouver Corner TV Cabinet


For many of us, the perfect television stand doesn’t just provide a space to place the TV, but also much needed storage. How much storage you need depends on your equipment. Do you have surround sound speakers, DVD recorders, or additional games consoles? You may like space to store your DVD collection close to the player, or even find a safe spot for the rarely used video player. If you want to put everything in one place, go beyond a simple television stand and look for an entertainment center which provides much more storage space. If you’d prefer a simple television stand, then you might want to consider additional storage units for other items.

Appearance and Style

Here’s where you don’t have to consult manufacturer’s recommendations, sizes or weights. When it comes to style and finish, all you need to consult is your personal taste! TV stands and media centres come in quietly traditional or modern contemporary looks. Some designs offer features such as DVD storage, cable management, wheels for ease in moving, and adjustable shelving, but these are by no means standard, so make sure you look for exactly the features you want your perfect television stand to have.


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Why Decorate with Plants?

When asked about decorating, most of us can easily think of a variety of ways to do it. We talk about wall colours and flooring, mabye consider furniture painted a matching shade, we think of adding picture frames, cushions, candles and rugs.  And quite frequently we miss out one of the most important accessories – the greenery. After all… why decorate with plants?

Bonsai tree - making your furniture stand out | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

Sometimes, we hesitate to add plants to a room because we’re not sure we can provide the proper care. Sometimes, we struggle to choose which plant would best complement our home and lifestyle. But maybe we should just take the step and add some greenery, because, aside from the aesthetics, there are other significant reasons to decorate with plants.

Easier Breathing

Why decorate with plants? | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterHumans breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide. When plants undergo photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Hence, plants and humans are the best when together!  Decorate with plants and your living decor increases the oxygen levels in the room.

You may have grown up with the rule that plants must never be placed in a bedroom or should be removed at night. That’s because a number plants release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen during the night. This doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to plants in the bedroom. Several,  such as orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads, which also look stunning, continue to release oxygen during the night. Why not try placing these plants in the bedroom to will feel refreshed while sleeping?

Peaceful Atmosphere

Plants can not only improve the appeal of our decor, but also serve to create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere around the home. When you look at your rooms, it is easy to see where different sized plants will fit. Add a tall plant to a corner or a small one as a centrepiece.

If you would like to create perfect balance in your decor, why not decorate with plants to create a contrast to hard surfaces, such as brick walls or hard corners? In addition to softening the area, it will also result in a more comfortable feeling and a sense of well-being in these spaces.

Sharpened Focus and Reduced Stress

Why Decorate with Plants? | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterStudies show that when plants are placed in an indoor space, whether it be a home office, class room or in workplaces, the result is an increase in productivity and improved focus. People who are surrounded by greenery also tend to be more creative, and concentration improves with a lesser known benefit of plants: they reduce noise pollution.

Bringing a touch of nature inside also helps combat stress. House plants, whether leafy greens, miniature trees or flowering plants, help us feel comfortable and more positive. Studies show that plants can calm your heart rate and lower blood pressure. Plants are also known to help reduce muscle tension, decrease headaches, and ease fatigue, sore throats, colds, coughs, and flu-like symptoms. Stress and health go hand in hand and plants are perfect for ensuring that both of these are exactly where they should be!


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