Why Springcleaning Should Come Before Redecorating

Springcleaning before Redecorating | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterSpring is a time to bring the outdoors inside, both literally and figuratively. It’s a time for adopting a light, playful side in home decor – a time for natural themes, pastel colors and lots of freshening up.

The first step for any spring redecoration is, of course, a good springcleaning.  You’ll want to go through every room and make space for brighter, lighter spring accessories. Springcleaning gives your redecorating efforts a clean canvas. It’s also a great opportunity to declutter your home and spruce it up after the winter.

Brighten it up

Don’t forget your furniture when springcleaning. Our lemon-scented furniture polish doesn’t just smell nice. Using it helps your furniture stay looking good and it gives your home a truly “well-looked-after” vibe. And if your soft furnishings have seen better days, you can have your pieces reupholstered for spring in a pastel floral print, cheerful gingham, or elegant toile. Slip covers are great for changing the mood – and they’re usually washable.

Go Green!

Once your house is spotless and decluttered, it’s time to bring the outdoors in. Open the windows to let in the beautiful spring weather. You can even go a step further by removing your drapes and window treatments altogether to make the most of the spring sunshine.

springcleaning before redecorating | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

If you’d like to tailor your window dressing to the season, consider cotton lace curtains, or curtains in a bright spring pattern, such as floral decoration. Greenery, both live and faux, is a fast, easy way to freshen your home for spring. Why not make potted plants or flowers the center of attention on a dining room table or mantelpiece? Nothing says spring like a bowl full of daffodils or tulips. But if you’re not into flowers, or if your decor is more modern, you can choose something as simple as a rectangular pot full of lawn grass. Although some may think garlands and wreaths are only for Christmas, they can also be very pretty for spring – hung on the front door, over a mantelpiece, or draped over door and window frames.

A Soothing Ambience

Sometimes it’s the smaller design touches that make the most impact. When you first step into a room, something as small as the soft trickling of a tabletop fountain, or the tinkling of chimes, can have an instantaneous soothing effect. Soothing panpipe or classical guitar music can be as much a part of your interior design as the cheerful colored bottles in the window, or the braided rugs. The most important thing to remember when decorating for spring is that your new furniture is interchangeable ready for summer and winter!

If you’d like more interior design ideas, or would like to take a look at what furniture we have on offer in our spring sale, why not come visit our Bicester or Banbury store?

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A Rug for Every Room

Choosing the right floor covering for your home can be daunting, because not only is it a big purchase, but it has the potential to really transform your living space. Many of us play it safe when it comes to carpets or flooring, only to wish later we’d been a little more adventurous with our choices. Fortunately, that’s a craving that’s easy to fix.  Experiment with rugs! Rugs can pull your room decor together or they can add a bit of pizazz. They’re easier to change than the carpet or wooden floor if you feel like a design change. And there really is a rug for every room out there!

Not sure which type of rug would look best where? Follow our tips to find the perfect rug for you, room by room.

Creating the Perfect Family Room | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

A Rug for Your Living Room

Rugs are incredibly versatile. When it comes to your living room decor, that’s a good thing. The living room is often the largest room in a house, and rugs give you the option to divide the space in smaller units, like a dining space, somewhere to read or an area for friends and family to congregate around a coffeetable.

Alternatively, you can opt for a living room rug that’s as big as your living room! To ensure your rug looks its best, leave a 6-12 inches wide gap between the rug and the walls. If finding a big enough rug is challenging, aim to have at least the front legs of your sofas and chairs on the rug to keep the space grounded and aesthetically pleasing – there’s nothing worse than a tiny postage stamp rug in the middle of a huge room! For maximum comfort, choose a rug that’s soft underfoot and fluffy – especially if you enjoy sitting on the floor or you have children that do!

A Rug for Every Room | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

A Rug in the Kitchen?

Yes, a rug in your kitchen works perfectly! Ensure that you pick a rug that’s easy to clean – that’s one of the most important factors. A vintage looking rug will help you feel less precious about any spillages and the amount of people walking over it in this high-traffic area. If you have a particularly narrow kitchen, a runner is a great way to elongate the space and add that extra touch of homeliness.

Dining Room Rugs

As a general rule, a dining room rug should extend a minimum of 3ft from the edge of a dining table, so that all chairs can sit comfortably on the rug when in use. Choose a rug that’s hardwearing, as there will be a lot of chairs being pulled in and out. Using vintage rugs in the dining room works nicely as the look is already a little more casual, so any additional wear and tear goes unnoticed and any spillages can be cleared up easily.

Rugs in the Bedroom

The main purpose of a bedroom rug is to be soft underfoot to provide that extra comfort when you get up in the morning. To do this, make sure it extends at least 2-3 feet on each side of the bed or place smaller individual rugs on each side of the bed. Bedside tables can generally rest on or off the rug, and look their best when they’re not halfway in between the rug.

A Rug for Every Room | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Rugs Elsewhere

If you find the traditional bathmat boring, why not try a soft, distressed rug to brighten up your bathroom? Colourful or overdyed rugs make a great addition to the bathroom as they are a great way of adding colour in a space that is often monochrome.

Or how about a rug with a geometric design in your study or home office? It will make the space feel much more friendly and less “worklike”. And as for hallways… tricky spaces that they can be, they almost need a blog post to themselves. Use a runner to make your short hallway look longer. Use a bright rug to add some cheer. Or choose a patterned rug to make a tiny hallway look much larger…

See, there really is a rug for every room in your house. If you enjoyed this blog, don’t forget to visit our Banbury or Bicester store to have a look at our new range of rugs!

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Creating the Perfect Family Room

Whether you’re a new family with young children, a transitioning household with teens just about to move out, or you enjoy having the grandchildren around, it is important to create a family room in your house that serves the needs of everybody. This room can function as an alternative living room, a playroom for children, or a room to store all those toys! There a many different ways to achieve this, so here are some of our top tips to help you create the perfect family room in your home.

Making It Child-Friendly

Creating the perfect family room  | A World of Oak A Touch of PineChoosing a washable wall paint is a great way to childproof your paint job. Alternatively, a chalkboard, chalks and dry erase paints can be purchased at your local DIY shop to create a fun opportunity for children to safely write on the walls.

Leather sofas, slipcovered furniture, and sunbrella fabrics are all fantastic options for your family room furniture. Keep in mind that darker colored furniture will typically wear better than lighter furniture; though white or pale slipcovers can be bleached if any dirt gets on them or any spillages occur.

You can keep things simple by installing washable flooring such as tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl and add one of our beautiful rugs for colour and style. If you prefer carpet, consider carpet tiles which enable you to clean dirtied squares or replace as and when you need to.

Making It Teen-Friendly

Often the most challenging part of creating the perfect family room is making it a fun place for teenagers as well as younger children. One of the best ways to make your family room teen-friendly is to add some simple furniture that can be moved around to suit different types of activities as well as lots of storage for games and DVDs.

Consider buying a modular sofa so that teens have more room to bring friends round as well as beanbags and loungers. Or invest in a stack of cushions and placing them on the floor to create an innovative lounging area. Another great idea is adding a colourful or funky rug to the floor to divide the room into separate areas and make the overall vibe more colourful . Finally, consider adding small coffee tables to the room to ensure there is plenty of room to place drinks and snacks!

Creating the Perfect Family Room | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Keeping It Organised

Creating the perfect family room means keeping it organised. Bookshelves make the most of empty wall space. Bookshelves with doors are excellent for hiding clutter. And why not use the open shelving on top for displaying books and decorative accessories?

Built-in benches and window seats with hidden storage are fantastic options to consider when space planning your family room. Instead of adding a sofa to an open wall, consider a storage bench that can also function as additional seating.

Baskets are a great way of controlling clutter. They can be used in every room in the house to tidy and hide all sorts of things, but are especially useful in a family room to hide puzzle pieces, card games, children’s magazines, craft supplies, and even play-doh. For an extra special touch, why not use storage containers and baskets that match the colour scheme of your decor?

If our ideas have started you thinking about creating your own perfect family room, then why don’t you take a look at the products on our website? There’s plenty that can help you declutter, seat and decorate your perfect family room.

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5 Top Tips for Organising your Kitchen

Sometimes, your kitchen can begin to get a little out of hand. If you’re ready to get your kitchen back into shape, then why not follow our 5 top tips for organising your kitchen? From containers finally keeping your freezer essentials separated, to cleverly making use of cabinet doors to stow things, these projects will change your kitchen for the better. And the best part is you don’t have to be a master at DIY to pull them off!

Hang Things Up
Hanging things up high can completely transform a small kitchen into a roomy space to cook and eat in. You can hang pots, pans, utensils and pretty much anything that you would like to display. Whether you hang them from racks over a kitchen island or you line them up under cabinets, hanging can help you get organized by making extra space.

Get A Movable Island
There was a time when owners of the small kitchen were doomed to not have a place to prep their food. The counters were often tiny and there was not enough room to put a kitchen island. Now, you can get a movable island for your kitchen. These islands are stunning and can be bought a for very reasonable price. If you have less space or simply like the idea of opening up your larger kitchen for more organization space, consider a kitchen island that moves.

Use Vertical Storage
Amongst the top tips to organising your kitchen, this one is often overlooked. Vertical storage is great for items you rarely use. Why store plates on high shelves when you are only going to have to use a step stool to get to them? Organize your kitchen top to bottom by keeping rarely used items up high and the items you use the most often in the cupboards at the bottom. Adding a winerack that fits to the wall then allows you to make use of free wallspace and either declutters floor standing space or gives you more cupboard room – depending on where your winebottles used to live.  Not to forget that a wall-mounted winerack is a great decor feature!

Create A Leftover Section
Top tips for organising your kitchen | image: zoeytoja depositphotos.comIt has never been more important to recycle and make sure you don’t waste food. Many home decor programs recommend that you have a cabinet or drawer dedicated to storing leftover food, from spices to open packets of pasta. Add a selection of different sized plastic containers and keep all the items close to the fridge in a drawer or cabinet to ensure that they’re quickly and easily to hand if you want to store perishable items.

And if you’d like to be extra organised, then why not consider labeling your leftovers?

Organise Dishes By Type
Organizing your kitchen is easy once you break everything down into areas. Take the time to separate all your dishes into sections and then keep them together by stacking them on top of one another or investing in a plate rack. This will ensure you save yourself hours of frustration over time and quickly be able to get to any dish you need.
The most important thing to remember when organising your kitchen is making sure you do it in such a way that it becomes easy for you to maintain it! If you liked this blog, don’t forget to have a look around for our other top tips for organising your home!

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Why Multi-Purpose Rooms are the Future

The layout of the Great British home has changed dramatically over the years. From beautiful 16th century longhouses with dark and cosy rooms, separated by endless doors and the odd hallway, to stunning modern open plan homes with vast windows and heaps of natural light, the way in which we lay the bricks and mortar that keep us warm and dry has certainly followed a variety of social trends throughout the centuries.

So why are we talking about multi-purpose rooms? Surely an open plan kitchen/dining/living room is multipurpose? Well yes, but like all new ideas, there’s room for improvement.  Imagine living in a home that can provide a light and airy place for your children to play or your guests to schmooze, but can also become a cosy and distraction-free snug, or both?

Smiley Smiley, Carol Smillie!

Television programmes such as George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces have changed the way we see DIY and home improvement. Back in the 90’s and early 00’s people were inspired by programmes including Changing Rooms, when a lick of paint, a swanky light and a new sofa or bed was deemed a dramatic transformation; these days though, we look at every inch of our homes, dreaming up new and inventive ways of transforming their usability.

why multi-purpose rooms are the future | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicestere

Multi-purpose furniture – the key to multi-purpose rooms

So how can you take advantage of this growing trend and turn your home into a multi-purpose, multi-functional space without spending thousands on a complete re-design? Simple. Choose multi-purpose furniture for your multi-purpose rooms.

Now, there are two types of furniture that work exceptionally well at creating multi-purpose spaces; moveable furniture and multi-functional furniture – that is, something that can be used for two functions (e.g. dining and working).

Get moving

Castors are a wonderful invention; moving your furniture around the room can have a profound effect on how the space feels, as well as creating space or dividing rooms into distinct areas; sideboards, coffeetables and chests of drawers are a great way of achieving this. Some even come with wheels of their own!

Imagine how great it would feel to get home, kick off your shoes, slide your kitchen island against the wall, adorn your sideboard with glasses and drinks and welcome your friends to the trendiest house party in town. By utilising moveable furniture in your home, you can easily and quickly create multiple spaces for working, relaxing, entertaining or anything else of your choosing!

The transformers are coming

Furniture that offers more than one purpose is a valuable commodity in the modern household.

Whether you need a home office space that can quickly transform itself into a dining area, a seat that provides oodles of hidden storage space or a coffee table that becomes a comfy occasional seat, multifunctional furniture is a wonderful space saving tool that perfectly compliments the modern multipurpose ethos.

The only requirement is your imagination (or some friendly advice from our lovely sales assistants)!

If you’d like some more great tips on how to make the most of your home, why not take a look through our blog, browse the exceptionally awesome products in our online shop or pop into one of our stores and have a chat with our friendly staff!

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How to Make the Most of your Furniture

Everybody wants to choose the furniture that is perfect for their home, but sometimes those who don’t have enough space have to compromise on the number of pieces they purchase. In this case, it’s never been more important to make the most of the furniture you have, and find useful ways to turn it into extra storage space or something completely different!

A Shoe Rack

Why not try reinventing a cabinet or chest of drawers as a storage and display space for shoes, purses, and jewelry? Remove the doors and reinstall interior shelves lower to make way for store-bought or custom shoe racks made from dowels. You can even highlight the drawer fronts with a splashy paint color and new handles for an extra new feel – don’t forget to add hooks to the outside of the storage furniture piece for quick-grab access!

Turning Convention on its head.

Hallway crates

If you have trouble finding a place to put your shoes, scarfs, coats and umbrellas then we suggest increasing the storage capacity of your hallway with crates. Place two crates under a bench for both high and low storage. Alternatively, you can secure crates to wall studs or use shelves so that your crates are ready to hold outdoor gear, shoes, and coats.

An Unconventional Bar

An ordinary wooden nightstand can become a smart beverage station with a little bit of sanding and a coat of white interior semi-gloss latex paint. For durability, seal the top with a water-base acrylic sealer. The addition of bold wallpaper added to the back of the bar and personal embellishments help to create that extra oomph.

Pet Station

NB097 Vancouver Besp-Oak Furniture

Larders are something we’re all familiar with. And if you own a pet, then you’ll know that there are plenty of items that come with looking after our animal family.

Food, treats, toys and medicines can soon take over your kitchen or utility area. So why not repurpose an old chest of drawers, a larder cupboard you’ve outgrown or an armoire and outfit it as a pet station?

Fill this with treats in airtight glass jars with screw-top lids and place large bins of food on them for easy access that pulls right out. You can also use chalkboard paint on the doors to help keep track of pet-related playdates and appointments.

Bedside Storage

Another fantastic use for crates is turning them into a charming bedside table packed with storage. Create a useful storage unit by securing pieces of wood together to allow for the crates to slide in like drawers, this way you get maximum storage space by placing your valuable items in each of the crates.

A Place For Your Bills

Finally, keep your family’s comings and goings organised with a command center fashioned from an old dresser. Place letters on the shelves of the dresser, or keep the center console open, and utilize a wine rack to sort bills, magazines, and mail supplies. This will ensure that no letter goes forgotten!

For more design ideas and great furniture deals, why not visit our Banbury or Bicester stores? We’re always happy to see you.


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Rustic Root Furniture for Your Home

The furniture market is brimming with all kinds of different styles from elegant and contemporary to rustic, and each one of them can help you give your home a different style. The term “rustic” often conjures up images of chunky furniture with simple clean lines and an idea of comfort and style, along with a sense of ruggedness and character. This is the reason why more and more people are choosing to decorate with rustic root furniture, and make a statement with their creative and well decorated home spaces.

Rustic root furniture from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterAdd rustic root furniture into a variety of your living spaces and enjoy the difference it makes. Why not add a wonderful Round Root Coffee Table with a Glass Top to your living room as an alternative to the traditional coffee table? This not only changes the aesthetic of your living space, it also enhances the cosy and homely atmosphere. Or alternatively why not try one of our Root Side Tables to place your magazines or hot drinks on? Choose either a square or round table to match the design of your living space and collect multiple root tables to furnish your home with a touch of the rustic.

Root side table from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterWhen decorating your home in a rustic style, you can choose to incorporate a few pieces of rustic root furniture or decorate the whole home. A few select pieces can go a long way to add style and sparkle, while doing up every room in your home would make a serious style statement. Either choice makes for a great interior, and a timeless style that will last for decades to come!

Rustic root furniture also makes for sustainable and stylish garden furniture. Root furniture offers an informal setting that encourages relaxation and conversation, and you can decorate the exterior of your house using rustic coffee tables, end tables and footstools, Add umbrellas, planters and trellises to create a private, intimate atmosphere and, if you have the budget, why not invest in rustic floorings or wall coverings to define the outline of your outdoors space?

For more ideas about furnishing and decorating your home, please check out our website or visit our Banbury or Bicester showrooms.



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Furniture for Open Plan Living Spaces

Welcome to our latest Buyer’s Guide. In this issue we’ll be looking into creative ways to divide your open plan living space to achieve a functional, family friendly room. We’re talking creating walls, the clever use of dressers and bookcases and separating areas using your furniture – all easy tactics which can be used to create your dream living space in very little time with very little effort. So why not make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea in hand and have a read through our helpful guide…

What should I think about when organising my open plan living area?

Space – how big is your open plan living space? Is the area big enough to comfortably accommodate large items?

Ideas for open plan living spaces from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterUse – what do you use your living space <for most often? Think about how much space each area necessitates and plan accordingly.

Creating walls – creating ‘walls’ is relatively easy, with a bit of imagination. There are several options, such as placing large book shelves perpendicular to the wall; ‘honeycomb’ bookshelves (i.e. those with square storage holes and no backs) are great for dividing space, although their design means you have to fill them carefully so as not to have things falling off the other side. Traditional bookcases are a good choice if you’d prefer to create a block wall, although, unlike the previous bookcase, they can limit the amount of light passing through your divided area, so do bear this in mind.

Sideboards and dressers also make excellent walls; to create a unique dining area, why not place your dresser perpendicular to the wall and move your dining table into the corner formed by the corner of the wall and the dresser. This design can also be used to make a homework or study area; simply replace the dining table with a desk and the dresser with a bookshelf. Easy!

Separating areas – fancy your very own cosy snug? Simply rearrange your seating; sofas can be placed with their backs facing out towards the room, whilst armchairs can be swung around so that both pieces of furniture create an ‘L’ shape to create the feel of a snug.


Other things to consider when dividing your space

Lighting – adding bulky furniture can darken your room, so where possible, place larger items nearer a source of light.

Light oak furniture gives a lovely warm feel to a room | A World of Oak a Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterFinishes – different materials and finishes will create different feels, so think about the look you want to achieve.

Painted farmhouse style furniture is a great way to create a modern, country feel, whilst natural and waxed wood finishes create a lovely, warm traditional feel.

Less is sometimes more – try not to cram everything in. Be realistic; you don’t want to drown your living space in a sea of furniture, whilst a lonely random sideboard in the middle of your room could look like you’re simply halfway through rearranging your furniture!

Textures – making use of different textures is a good way to separate living space. Soft sheepskin and wool throws are ideal for a lounge space, whilst glass and ceramic set the scene in dining areas.

Dividing your open plan living space checklist:

  • How much room do you have to play with?
  • What areas would you like to create? Workspace, lounge, snug, play area, reading area, dining room…
  • Plan it out – create a floorpan and get creative to see how everything will work together.
  • Think about the look you want to achieve; modern, traditional or a mix of both.

If you’d like to browse our range of living room furniture simply visit us in store!


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How to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

There is nothing more cheerful than a warm, sunny day with its abundance of bright, natural light. It helps us stay healthy by supporting us with vitamin D and it warms us up and it affects our mood by making us happy and more positive! Getting natural light into dark rooms is therefore desirable in every home – it simply makes the home feel more cozy and warm.

You might have some rooms that no matter what you do, never really get that light streaming through it, but don’t give up just yet! Here we give you some decor tips on how you can enhance the light you already do have, without having to tear down walls to get more natural light into your home.

Trees and Windows

The first step is to make sure that natural light actually can access your house. It may not be something you regularly consider, but the trees around your house that give you privacy may also block the sun from peeking into your rooms.

Try to avoid planting trees on the southern side of your home as in the summer, the sun will be too high for them to provide shade. In the winter, the trees will block much of the limited natural light.

In addition, dirty windows can shut out a great deal of daylight, so make sure to wash and clean all windows! Window curtains and window treatments can reduce natural light from getting into your rooms, so make sure you remove the heavy or dark curtains and instead add light colors and fabrics – this will help bringing in natural light whilst still giving you privacy.

Skylights and Mirrors

If adding extra windows is not an option, consider installing a skylight to bring in more natural light. Skylights come in a wide variety of types and prices and can add streams of bright light.

Mirrors are also an easy and budget friendly way to increase the natural light in your home, making rooms appear much bigger and brighter by reflecting the light. By installing a large mirror on a wall opposite a window, the mirror will reflect any incoming light (both natural and artificial) and double the amount of light in the room. A short hallway can also appear longer by placing a large mirror on the end wall. If you have a difficult time visualizing how natural light will reflect through the mirror, simply shine a flashlight at the mirror and you will get a very good idea of how the light will reflect.

How to bring more natural light into your home | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Surfaces and Decorations

It is not only mirrors that can create the light reflecting effects, shiny objects also make rooms naturally appear lighter. Think acrylic materials, clear furniture, shiny tiles and everything glass, brass, gold or silver – from doorknobs to photo frames.

By using glass in your doors, you will open up more space for natural light. Why not use frosted or tinted glass for privacy on front doors, and inside use clear glass? Another fantastic idea is frosted glass or mirrored doors to separate areas in your home so that light can still come through.

Make sure to add light or neutral colored furniture, artwork, towels, bedlinen, cushions and rugs to balance out your look, as well as wall art to finish the decor. Wherever possible, try to remove objects that absorb too much light, examples of this include dark curtains, furniture and floors. As mentioned before, don’t forget to use mirrors!

If you’d like more interior design tips, don’t forget to take a look at our blog or pop into one of our stores for advice!





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Top Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Playroom Tidy

Susie has left her tea party to try on make-up with Bunny, next to Play-Doh mountain and past the abandoned car with no windscreen and just 1 remaining wheel; it’s a truly terrible scene. No, we’re not talking about the latest crime drama on tv, but rather your child’s playroom!

Top Tips for Keeping a Playroom Tidy | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Nobody wants to step on a rogue and strangely invisible piece of Lego, nor do they want the carpet to be replaced by a sea of toys, teddy bears and other bric-a-brac, but try as you might, children are masters in the art of messy play. So what on earth can you do to bring some sort of civilisation to the next generation’s world? To give you a few ideas, we’ve compiled some top tips on how to keep your child’s playroom a little tidier!

  • Organise toys into order – If you’ve got children with an age gap of several years, or your children enjoy playing with different types of toys, try to organise them separately so that they can be brought out of hibernation and then tidied away easily after they have been played with.
  • Organise the room by activity – Setting up a reading corner complete with bean bags and dedicating an open space for playing with toys or laying down paper to paint on will help to make each activity easy to clean up after and minimise risk of books being covered in green fingerprints!
  • Label EVERYTHING – Okay, so maybe not everything, but make sure that each box of toys is clearly marked with what’s inside to avoid each and every toy your child possesses coming out to play each time.
  • Make tidying a game – If you make tidying seem like a boring chore (which, let’s be honest, it is… but don’t tell them that) then you will understandably be met by resistance when little Toby or Daisy has had enough of playing and instead wants to watch Blue Peter. By turning tidying into a fun and exciting game of ‘what goes where’ which is rewarded by watching a tv programme or their favourite drink or snack, it will teach them to be tidy by introducing positive, rather than negative, consequences.

Top tips for keeping a playroom tidy | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

So, now that we’ve tackled a few top tips on how to keep your child’s playroom tidy, we can focus on what furniture you can use to make tidying easier.

  • A blanket box can provide easily accessible storage for a wide range of items, from blankets (obviously) to fancy dress clothes and even board games.
  • Small bookshelves are great for housing your children’s small library of best-sellers, whilst also creating a small wall to form part of their ‘reading corner’ that will allow them to immerse themselves in the written word without all the distractions of other toys.
  • Storage cubes are an excellent way to store items like toy cars or Lego, keeping them easily accessible but stopping the vital piece from being lost in amongst Princess Martha’s ball gown or being covered in glue and glitter!

If you’d like more great tips on how to keep your home clean and tidy, check through our blog or visit one of our stores and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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